World Agnihotra Day - 2018

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12 March 2018 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
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12th March is celebrated as WORLD AGNIHOTRA DAY worldwide. The day is celebrated to promote Agnihotra - Fire Therapy. Agnihotra. Agni means FIRE and hotra means to offer unto the fire to create a healing effect. Agnihotraa fire therapy, also known as Homa Therapy is an ancient Vedic technique that enhances and nourishes human lives by tuning our mind and body with rhythm of nature and creates equilibrium. We invite all citizens to participate this celebration to save our planet mother earth. Come together for Greener Tomorrow.Entry is Free to All

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krishna barad World Agnihotra Day - 2018 RSVP. 12 Mar World Agnihotra Day - 2018

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