Waterfall Cleanup Drive -IV

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1 October 2017 - 10:00am - 2:00pm
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Waterfall Cleanup Drive -IV, स्वच्छमेव जयते! October 1, 2017

Waterfall Cleanup Drive -IV (WCD-IV) Anniversary program

"Sankalp se Siddhi" on this line we Team Environment Life moving to our Waterfall Cleanup Drive IV (WCD-IV) Anniversary program 

last year we started our first drive on Oct 2, 2016 now which is inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by PMO.

Our Prime Minister initiated the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' – let’s begin Swachhata Abhiyan at Our Home – right here in Maharashtra. Environment Life Presents with the great Support Volunteers, Local villagers and Social media and others platform to create awareness amongst the people to keep waterfall area clean.  

Maharashtra is one amongst the most beautiful states in the country, blessed with fauna and flora, mountains and valleys. Maharashtra is home to several popular and majestic waterfalls like Kondeshwar Temple -Waterfall- (Badlapur),Pandavkada (Kharghar), Zenith (Khopoli), Bhivpuri waterfall, Tapalwadi (Neral), Chichoti (Vasai) and Anandwadi Waterfall- Neral All these are easily accessible within one and half hours.

Sahyadri mountain range is an important series of high hills located in Maharashtra. The contribution of this range in weather, environment, defence & tourism is vast. It contributes maximum in Maharashtra tourism. One of the family friendly Waterfall Located in Anandwadi Neral which is most Adorable and beautiful place and with lovely Nature situated in this Sahayadri range.

  We love to visit these places with our loved ones and be one with nature, breathing fresh air. While we enjoy nature and all that it offers freely, we tend to forget a little responsibility. What is that? Carry a garbage bag and dispose of our waste safely in terms of food, paper, bottles etc. When it’s time to depart, we leave behind a pile of garbage thereby polluting the environment. The villagers are often harmed by broken glass bottles. Their animals while grazing eat up the garbage which includes plastic bags and this is certainly not an act of kindness. Let us ENJOY and help nature, animals, villagers also ENJOY by maintaining our picnic spots, waterfalls, clean and unpolluted. 

On these lines, we have initiated "Waterfall Clean-Up Drive" with the motto to keep such sites and surrounding areas clean and popularize these spots in Maharashtra for Tourism and Family Getaways. 

We are inviting students, social workers, NSS students, trekkers and anyone who would like to contribute their time, energy, effort and resources to join this Campaign and make a DIFFERENCE to our Environment.

As of now we have collected more than 5 tonnes of garbage from 8 Waterfalls located near Mumbai and surrounding area in our last 3 drives, our aim is to create awareness amongst the tourism and Visitors to keep maintaining the surrounding and Waterfall area Clean. Our main target is to make Waterfall area, a family gateway.

Executed and Organised by Environment Life Team

Waterfall Clean-up Drive – IV (WCD-IV)   (IXth Waterfall)
Place: Anandwadi Waterfall-Neral
Date: October 1, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 10 am to 2 pm

Meeting Point: Neral Station 9:00am 
Or Join us directly at the Anandwadi Waterfall- Neral 09:30am

For More information and details contact:

Dharmesh Barai
Hon. Head Coordinator
Contact: +91 9773274296

Amit Shirodkar

Trupti Barai

Our Motto is to create awareness and invite our YOUTH to contribute their ENERGY, VIGOR and enjoy nature in its original splendour and maintain it for themselves and future generations – this is one step towards reducing Global Warming and being a TRUE & RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN.

Everyone please save the date to give it back to nature. Take out some time for maintenance of natural beauty and clean the mess which is created by unknown human beings only.

It is open Invitation for Public anyone can Join us to contribute for Nature Maintenance

Our small contribution will make huge difference and will make change in some part of natural beauty.

Hope we will set the good example of being responsible citizen of Maharashtra and India.

Waiting to see you all at the drive to make it successful

Dharmesh Barai
Hon. Head Coordinator
Contact: +91 9773274296

स्वच्छमेव जयते!
Environment protection is our motto!
Facebook: environmentlife

Environment Life ienvironmentlife@gmail.com Waterfall Cleanup Drive -IV http://karmayog.in/events/waterfall-cleanup-drive-iv RSVP. 1 Oct Waterfall Cleanup Drive -IV

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