Sustainable living, Coexistence, Jeevan Vidya workshop

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24 June 2017 - 9:00am - 26 June 2017 - 6:00pm
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Sustainable living, Coexistence, Jeevan Vidya workshop

Subject:Workshop on Co-existential principles in Existence: Jeevan Vidya

​. Knowledge, Wisdom & Science or living.


Dear All,

Here's inviting you for the ​'Coexistence' ​w​orkshop​(jeevan vidya)​in English at Bangalore on

·        23, 24, 25 June  (Friday to Sunday)  at Basavangudi

·        30th June at St Marks Rd

·        02 July at Rajajinagar



This workshop is about co-existential principles in existence (saha-astitva-vaada) ​​which is a ​ground-breaking​development in human understanding. It is an exploration of every facet of ​our ​li​v​e​s​and the universe, and how we humans can live with purpose and meaning​. It is about understanding ourselves as humans and our relationships in family, in society and nature.



​​This understanding of reality establishes coherence in the spiritual, intellectual, behavioral and ​material​aspects of man. ​This results in happiness, peace, satisfaction and bliss. We ​are convinced this understanding is needed by every human being​and has the answers to the myriad issues all of us face, the world faces. ​​


In the past 25 yrs, many people have been impacted by these workshops.




This is  a new philosophy or ‘darsana’. It is a direct discovery of Reality, the human being and human purpose by Shri A Nagraj. It is being presented as an ‘Alternative’ to Idealism (Theism, Spiritualism) & Materialism (Science).




This workshop is shared out of responsibility and there is no 'fee' for the person conducting it. Participants are expected to bear the expenses for their own boarding and lodging. However those who are unable to contribute are not denied participation. The content is integrated in nature, therefore needs to be attended in full.






Contact: Gowri: 88171-88463 |



best regards,


PS: Please forward this ​email​to your circles.

About the Facilitator –


This introductory workshop shall be facilitated by Shriram Narasimhan, previously with the IT Industry. A quest for the purpose of life led Shriram to quit his job and search for meaningful answers. He has since traveled extensively in the country, and exposed to various thought and developmental models. Shriram is 39 and and with his family, has been involved in the full-time study & practice of this philosophy since the last 7 years

shriram Sustainable living, Coexistence, Jeevan Vidya workshop RSVP. 24 Jun Sustainable living, Coexistence, Jeevan Vidya workshop

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