Sunday Shorts With Pocket Films

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2 July 2017 - 3:30pm - 6:00pm
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Sunday Shorts with Pocket Films

Sunday, 3.30 pm onwards
2nd July
Full Cover Rs. 200
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Enquiries: 9833358490

Done with watching the same run of the mill stuff at cinemas and TV? We have something for you! Handpicked, engaging content. 

Welcome to 'Sunday Shorts with Pocket Films'- An adda for short film and cinema connoisseurs. And the place to be for filmmakers! Watch high quality short films and discover what went behind them from the crew itself! 

If you’re a film maker -
Pitch your short film by contacting us or under “Open Pitch” -Use our platform of “Open Pitch” to get the opportunity to pitch your concept and script to Pocket Films.
Spot Registrations. From 2 30 pm onwards. First 5 spots guranteed Pitch. 
* The organisers of the event don't take any responsibility of copyright infringement. Make sure you register the script before the Pitch.

Meet and interact with other film-makers in the community.
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We aim to offer everything - a little bit of drama, a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of fun!
Please note: Minimum age to enter is 16 years old.

The Nesting Doll 
Dir Heena Vasnani Dsouza
We know that changes are constant but how easy is it to let go of changes and accept the reality? Or is reality just an illusion and what truly exists is eternal love? Stranded in a shell of loneliness is a wife who urges for her husband’s companionship while trying to find purpose of her futile existence. Will she succeed in her selfish endeavor to rid her husband off the clutches of life or will her soul find solace in her entrapment itself?

Dir Devashish Makhija
Iqbal talks about his little girl Aziza, about the time she emerged from his wife Shaheen's womb, about the day she walked for the first time, about the day she will get married. And how he has always missed these milestones. How he was never there for her. 
Distraught, he now makes one last desperate attempt to reach out to her.
But it just might be too late.
Official Selection at Litmus Festival, Delhi 2016,
Official Selection at stuttgart Indian Film Festvial 2016,
Official Selection Festival of Flobe Selicon Valley 2016,
Official Selection at IFFSA,
Offical Selection at New York Indian Film Festival 2016

Dekhchish Ki Amon Bhabe
Dir Ashwin Swaminathan
A thriller short film about Sameer who is not able to overcome his fear of the past,Dekhchish Ki Amon Bhabhe is a Bengali thriller short film about fears that get etched in our minds as children. It is the story of Sameer who spends most of his life trying to overcome one such fear.

Dir Pranav Harihar Sharma
What would you do when you see your neighbour’s wife being beaten every night?“ Watermelon” is a thriller short film about an unfortunate lady who is a victim of domestic violence, and a lonely man who is her neighbour. One fine day she thinks of teaching her husband a lesson, but gets in trouble. Joseph, her neighbour rushes to her house after hearing commotions in the night. But, Will he be able to save her?

Dir Nivi Singh
Is it to wrong to judge people based on their appearance?

We aim to offer everything - a little bit of drama, a little bit of laughter and a whole lot of fun!
Please note: Minimum age to enter is 16 years old.

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