'Sports Day' at Films Division India

Event Date: 
29 August 2015 - 4:00pm

'Sports Day' @ fd zone: 29th Aug, 4pm

Curatorial Note:
Working tirelessly to better oneself to defeat an opponent in a fair fight, is a universal goal and struggle. For both the player and the spectator sports offer the ability to escape reality for a couple of hours and ride the roller coaster of emotion. Players and onlookers become as one, and it makes friends out of strangers. This week at FD Zone we bring 2 films celebrating the spirit of sports!
(Sandhya Kumar will be present for a discussion after the screening.)

17 min /1971/35mm
Produced By Pramod Pati, Films Division
Directed by Vijay Chandra

52 mins | 2015 | HD 
English and Kodava Takk with English subtitles
A film by Sandhya Kumar

The film features Wilson Jones who won National Billiards Championship of Indian twelve times and the world championship twice.

is a film about hockey in Coorg, told through the story of the Kodava Hockey Festival, a tournament played between the families of Coorg. Kodavas, the people of Coorg, are a martial-tribal community known for strong ties to land and family. Every year, players from over 200 families come together to play in their own hockey tournament – The Kodava Hockey Festival. There is no bar on age or gender. The only rule of forming a team is that all members must be from the same family.
Young boys and girls, fathers, uncles, mothers, professionals and even former Olympic heroes, are all players. With the families playing for bragging rights for the rest of the year, victories are hard fought and competition can get heated. At the end of the month-long event, there will be just one winning team but many winners, the sport and the sense of community not least among them. Welcome to The Kodava Hockey Festival!

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/71095393

Sandhya Kumar is an independent filmmaker from Bangalore, India. She has been making documentary films since 2007. Her work is rooted in non-fiction and inspired by the desire to make visible the poetry of everyday life. Sandhya holds an MFA in Film from San Francisco Art Institute, and an MA in Mass Communication from Jamia Millia University, New Delhi. Sandhya is the recipient of the President’s National Film Award of India for 2013, Indian documentary Producers’ Gold Award 2014, and has been an ATSA fellow (ARThink South Asia) in 2011. Her most recent films include - O Friend, This Waiting! (2012, funded by India Foundation for the Arts), Memory of a Light (2014, Produced by Public Service Broadcasting Trust, India) and Light Falling on White Flowers (2009).

Date & time
Saturday, 29th August, 2015, 4 pm

RR III Theatre, 10th floor
Films Division of India, Peddar Road, Mumbai 

All screenings at The FD Zone are FREE and open to all. 
Please come and spread the word.

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