SONABAI Another way of Seeing - A talk by Stephen P. Huyler

Event Date: 
24 March 2017 - 6:00pm


Another way of Seeing


A talk by Stephen P. Huyler



Outline of Talk:

Sonabai Rajawar from Sarguja is one of India’s great “Other Masters”. 


For a decade and a half, she was forcibly removed by her husband from almost everything she had known growing up. Her story expresses the capacity of human beings everywhere to meet their challenges head-on.


SonabaiAnother Way of Seeing is the vivid portrait by Stephen Huyler resulting from years of research. He conveys Sonabai’s life and that of her family and community, portraying the exceptional creative productivity that resulted from her isolation, and the subsequent influence she had on the work of seven other local artists. She sought ways to transform her oppression into expressions of beauty and joy in living, creating an entirely new artistic expression with no guidance or instruction. Her art was completely different from anything ever seen in India before, made from the most basic of materials available to her.


About the Author:

Dr. Stephen P Huyler is a cultural anthropologist, author and photographer, who have been working in India for over 45 years. His research work focuses on folk arts and crafts, with particular attention given to sacred ritual and the identity and empowerment of Indian women.

He quotes:

“Although living in an isolated Chhattisgarhi village, Sonabai's uniqueness differs greatly from the arts created in traditional India. In a sense she is very modern: her expression is entirely her own. Her message has universal appeal: the ability of one woman to invent her own positive world in the midst of oppression that might otherwise be overbearing." 

Date: Friday, 24th March 2017

Time: 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm





Somaiya Centre for Lifelong Learning

2nd Floor, Somaiya Bhavan (Above Kitabkhana)

M G Road, Fort,

Mumbai - 400 001

Call: 7045932204 ||

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