"The Saints of Sin" Film screening at Films Division

Event Date: 
24 March 2017 - 6:30pm

7 Sins/ 8 Women

“The Saints of Sin”

85 Mins./ Digital/ Bengali/ 2016 (EST)



The Saints of Sin is a lyrical journey of emotion and experiences of Seven and a Half Bengali women from Nairobi, New York, New Delhi and Bombay.

Built on intimate conversations, the film explores the lives of these women, where each of them acknowledges her propensity towards one Sin and speaks of her negotiations with it.

The conversations are bound together by Eight beautiful songs, sung by Bangladeshi singers Anusheh Anadil, Armeen Musa, Nashid Kamal, Aanon and The Ghasshphoring Choir. 

Director      :         Aniruddha Sen

Producer    :         Suparna Chatterjee

Director’s Note:-

The Saints of Sin is not a film about “Sins”. It’s about virtues... and stories of eight triumphant women. To keep the conversations warm and intimate, I shot the film myself. This film has been more of a journey than just making a film. It has been my journey to explore ways of listening, absorbing and eventually storytelling.

Date & time

Friday, 24th March, 2017, 6:30 pm


JB Hall, Films Division,

Govt. Of India, Peddar Road, Mumbai

All screenings at The FD Zone are free and open to all



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