Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India Organizing by Shwaasa

Event Date: 
8 March 2018 - 8:00am - 12 March 2018 - 6:00pm
Event Poster: 
Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India Organizing by Shwaasa
India, the land of traditions, rituals, and unrivaled beauty has always been on the ideal places-to-visit list of several entities across the globe. From the giant graceful Himalayas fortifying the holy land in the north to the Indian ocean’s sensational beaches in the south, and from the cascading waterfalls in the east to the golden beauty of the limitless Thar in the West- India is surely a delight to wander and experience. Yoga, in the land of its origin, is something that is a dream of many. Shwaasa’s Himalayan Yoga retreat in India is a priceless opportunity to unleash from all the worldly hiccups and fall into the divine Yogic river in the gratifying Himalayan hills. Feel the presence of the divine power of Yoga within around the scenic beauty of the Himalayan foliage and pleasing torrents of the historic Ganges. 

Date: 8th March -- 12th March 2018
About the Event: The 5-day event lets you indulge in the eloquent experience of the spiritual world through Yoga and Meditation. Interact with the holistic knowledge of Yoga and Meditation and grasp the astonishing yogic philosophy from our revered guru Sri Vachananda Ji (Shwaasa Guru). The program would be an excellent doorway to reach the inner you and have an introduction to your unwrapped potential.

Event Highlights:
• Meditation on the amiable trails of Himalaya. Sink into the intense level of Meditation practice and fall in love with the inner core where there is nobody but the divine.
• Under the guidance of our esteemed guru, intensify yogic knowledge to a deeper level along with glimpsing the stupendous beauty of the Himalayan waterfalls.
• Being a huge believer in the power of breathing, our program witnesses a complete immersion in the cavernous art of Pranayama and other breathing exercises. Know the intense essence of the life force and mould it into an authentic tool for leading a plight-free life.
• Participate in the musical fold of spirituality during Satsang. 
• The program offers sight-seeing through various enthralling sacred sceneries embellished with the mystic touch of the Indian tradition. Witness the restful monasteries, serene temples, historical caves across the most revered pilgrimage sites of Incredible India.
Food and Accommodation:
Feed yourself with the utter delicious Indian food, wholesome in nature, perfectly prepared from the freshly sourced natural ingredients. We provide authentic sattvic food ideally blended with the soul of Ayurveda. Bereft of the city hustle, the accommodation would be located in the spellbinding lap of nature. The clean and spacious rooms are perfectly equipped with all the modern facilities guaranteeing a homely stay for each guest.

Fee Details: 
Total cost inclusive of food, accommodation, and transportation is 450 USD.
For Indian students: Rs. 35,000.
About Shwaasa:
One of the leading Yoga centres, Shwaasa was commenced by the revered Yoga Master Swami Vachananda Ji, popularly known as ‘Shwaasa Guru’. Having started the journey with the aim to create a disease-free society, we believe in the power of breathing, as our name- ‘Shwaasa’ denotes. Along with the Himalayan Yoga retreat, we offer a wide range of programs including unique Retreats, Yoga Therapy, and Yoga teacher Training in India.
Shwaasa info@shwaasa.org Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India Organizing by Shwaasa http://karmayog.in/events/himalayan-yoga-retreat-india-organizing-shwaasa RSVP. 8 Mar Himalayan Yoga Retreat in India Organizing by Shwaasa

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