EyeMyth - Media Arts Festival - Day 1

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16 August 2017 (All day)
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EyeMyth Festival 2017: Calendar

New immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality have been making their way into festivals, museums and exhibitions across the world. Up until now, India hasn’t had the opportunity to witness its ability to bring life to static art and artifacts, and preserve art and engage art-tech lovers. This August, we bring to you EyeMyth - Media Arts Festival a festival of art, entertainment and new media expressions being held in Lower Parel, Mumbai between August 16-20, 2017 which aims to do just that for Indian audiences. EyeMyth 2017 is presented by UnBox, Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI) and Unity.  

Curated by established and emerging artists from around the world, the festival will showcase the diversity of audio visual content. Right from augmented (AR) public art to virtual reality (VR) workshops, AR/ VR film screenings to audiovisual music acts and a conference on the future of immersive media and mediated realities in India, EyeMyth will capture the progress of new media in our everyday lives. EyeMyth 2017 is a platform for emerging media and content platforms, comprising of immersive showcases, hands-on workshops and a futures conference.

EyeMyth was created in the Indian digital sub-culture scene in 2011, where it started as a celebration of ‘visual music’ at the UnBox Festival in New Delhi. Today, it has transformed into an independent media arts festival, unique in its juxtaposition of Indian and global artists and progressive media.

The theme for this years festival is 'Future as Fiction' - and encapsulates the worlds of virtual reality, augmented reality and media futures, while also functioning as a curtain raiser for the Indian Centre of Immersive Media at the Indian School of Design & Innovation (ISDI), Mumbai.

Going beyond what a music festival or a trip to the museum can offer, EyeMyth aims at creating immersive experiences which puts attendants at the center of a film, audio-visual performances or an art installation, enabling them to understand the extent to which these technologies can breathe life into artworks. It’s the perfect collision of technology and visual storytelling.


To give you a better idea, here’s what you can expect to see at the festival:

  1. Augmented public art: In association with St.Art Foundation at ISDI

  2. Virtual reality guild: Workshop on virtual reality storytelling at ISDI

  3. Immersive media showcase: Virtual reality films, AR experiences and installations at ISDI

  4. Future Fiction: Audio-visual gig at Antisocial, Khar

  5. Music performances courtesy Red Bull Music Academy, as a part of ‘RBMA Sessions India with Soichi Terada’ at Summerhouse Cafe, Lower Parel

  6. ‘Immersive Futures’ Conference: On the past, present and future of immersive in India at ISDI

Vibhuti Jaswal vibhuti@unboxfestival.com EyeMyth - Media Arts Festival - Day 1 http://karmayog.in/events/eyemyth-media-arts-festival-day-1 RSVP. 16 Aug EyeMyth - Media Arts Festival - Day 1

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