Daily Yoga Classes in Gurgaon - Day 53

Event Date: 
11 June 2018 - 7:00am
Event Poster: 
With the advancement of the modern era and modern tools of convenience, life has become quite static. Junk food, untimely eating, and inappropriate working hours backed by a nearly negligible workout routine are creating more problems than solutions. Heaviness, sleeplessness, stress-related issues, etc., have become a common issue among the generation. Every 2 out of 5 people in Delhi NCR is suffering from some kind of diseases. Inspecting the scenario, Aum Yoga Shala has brought a meticulous solution, Yoga Classes in Gurgaon for the citizens of Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. The program is a dual-fold opportunity of learning the new art and maintaining the overall health.
Event Description: 
The daily classes are utterly aimed at complete health and fitness of the aspirants. Through various Yoga forms and asanas, we strive to help our students release stress and tension and invite a complete balance in their life. 
Event Highlights: 
• Know about the meaning of Yoga, its asanas, and the relevance of  the ancient science in the modern era.
• Learn about various Yoga styles and asanas. 
• Daily practice of various asanas and know about their particular impact on the body.
• Improvement in the practice of the asanas using various Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
• Every day Pranayama classes to maintain equilibrium between the external and internal body metabolism.
• Learn the art of being calm and composed even during the scarcest of situations with daily Meditation practice.
• Tips and suggestions from our Yoga teachers to lead a happy and healthy life. Learn how to maintain a balance between work life and  domestic life.
• Mantra Chanting practice to enforce serenity in the mind.
• Introduction to the Ayurvedic science and how to implement Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle. 
• Therapy of various diseases using Yoga.
• Special women’s therapy classes and KidsYoga classes.

Fees and Schedule:
• During weekdays, we have three classes an hour each in the morning  from 7 AM to 10 AM and two in the evening from 6 PM to 8 PM.
• Kids classes are organized on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from  5 to 6 PM.
• Fee for 2 days/week/month is 2400 INR, 3 days/week/month is 3000  INR, and 5 days/week/month is 4000 INR.
You can pay your fee on quarterly, semi-annually, and annually basis to get discount. To avail, kindly visit our website: http://www.aumyogashala.com/daily-yoga-classes/
About Aum Yoga Shala: Aum Yoga Shala is one of the leading Yoga studios in Delhi NCR. The Yogashala believes in AUM and its vibrational power, which has the whole universe in it. With our wide range of Yoga programs like Yoga Retreat, Yoga therapy, Daily Yoga classes, etc., we seek to make the generation aware of the exceptional benefits of the yogic science. Apart from these, we are one of the few in Delhi NCR to provide private Yoga tuition at home and certified Yoga Teacher Training programs.
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